Free IPTV Portugal M3u playlist June 14,2019

Free IPTV Portugal M3u playlist Oct 10,2019

Free IPTV Portugal  M3u playlist Oct 10,2019

M3u Portugal iptv free a new playlist file on Freeiptv4ever with the latest update of all the Portuguese bouquets you find in this list: cinema – cultural – entertainment – sport – nature – series, works very well and for a long time without interruption Or cut during display.

Run the file to all smart devices that support ‘m3u’ formula, such as multimedia pc and mobile programs like vlc and simple tv and it works of course with smart tv.

Now Click here to download the file

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Fix problem iptv vlc change after few seconds

Fix problem iptv vlc change and how to do this?
Many people experience the problem of stopping or changing the channels after running for a few seconds on the vlc program, especially the channel playback file in ts format. This problem is not in all the operating files, but in some of them only.
This will explain to you how to avoid this problem and enjoy watching non-stop or change the channels permanently.

See the following picture to explain how to do this:

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